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Our veteran team of corporate attorney’s have expertly distilled down the California Consumer Privacy Act into a useful PDF Guide.

CCPA Services

We offer the following CCPA Services to help you comply with your CCPA obligations:

Custom Hosted Toll-Free Number

The CCPA requires that each company must establish and maintain a toll-free number to allow consumers to contact your company in order to enforce their rights under the CCPA. We will provide a dedicated toll-free number (i.e. 1-800 number) and back end support services.

Customized CCPA Email

The CCPA requires that your company establish a second channel of contact for consumer requests under the CCPA. We will host and manage a designated email address that qualifies as a second line of communication for your consumers.

Verification Services

Our company will take in consumer requests by telephone or email and verify the consumer requests based on your company's criteria and in compliance with the verification requirements established by the CCPA. The CCPA designates the criteria for verification depending on the sensitivity of data that is requested by the consumer.


a note from our founder explains…

“Our clients spoke and we listened. Bear Flag Services LLC was established in order to help our customers comply with data privacy laws including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to ensure that consumers have a means of accessing and enforcing their rights and to alleviate the administrative burden on our customers internal personnel. Our business was started by California based lawyers focused on data privacy compliance by our customers.

We are a California based company with acute awareness of applicable data privacy laws including GDPR, CCPA and other states’ applicable laws. You can trust our company to handle consumers’ requests and to provide the services necessary to comply with data privacy laws in an affordable and non-disruptive manner so that our customers can focus on their own business.

Please set up a time for a free consultation so that we may describe our services in more detail and let you know how we can help your company get into compliance.”


The CCPA applies worldwide to companies that do business with California residents and for which one or more of the following are true:

Have annual gross revenues in excess of $25 million

Possess the personal information of 50,000 or more consumers, households, or devices

Earn more than half of their, annual revenue from selling consumers' personal information


Non-compliance with the CCPA puts you at risk of huge fines.

You can expect the Attorney General to initiate a civil case against you if you remain non-compliant after 30 days upon being notified about any violation of the CCPA provisions. This brings a risk of being fined $2500 per violation and up to $7500 per intentional violation.

If you violate the CCPA-guaranteed rights of 1000 users, you may receive a fine of up to $7.500.000 in total ($7500×1000 users).

The CCPA also allows for individual consumers to bring a private right of action if their personal information was exposed due to a company’s failure to maintain appropriate security safeguards and can be aggregated into a class action lawsuit.

Per Violation

Damages under the CCPA are based on per instance or per capita violation. That means that the number of persons the violations were directed at will be the multiplier for damages calculations.

Intentional Violation

Intentional damages carry a higher cap of $7500 per instance.

Private Right of Action

Consumers may also bring a private lawsuit against your company for failure to maintain adequate security for protection of their personal information under the new law. Damages will be recoverable if their recovery exceeds the statutory damages against your company. The private right of action may also be brought by multiple consumers as a class action of those affected.


We are here to help you comply with your obligations…

Our team of skilled privacy personnel will help you understand the obligations your company has under the new law.

Through our company’s third-party services as contemplated under the new law your company will save resources necessary to establish internal processes to comply.

Please contact us and we will help you understand how to confidently outsource burdensome obligations under the CCPA to our company.

We offer services to allow you peace of mind to ensure that you are meeting your obligations under the new law.

We operate as a third-party service provider to help you manage consumer requests, verification, and methods of contact, as required under the new law.

We are a California-based company founded by privacy legal professionals.

CCPA Employee Training Courses

We have partnered with an online training course vendor to provide comprehensive and customized CCPA Training Courses for your company’s executives and employees. Please inquire during your consultation. For a sample of our training courses please indicate your interest during your initial consultation.


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Kevin T., CEO

“We chose Bear Flag Services because we needed a compliance-minded partner that we could trust to host our communication channel for our consumers under the new California data privacy law.”