CCPA Services

Custom Hosted Toll-Free Number

The CCPA requires that each company must establish and maintain a toll-free number to allow consumers to contact your company in order to enforce their rights under the CCPA. We will provide a dedicated toll-free number (i.e. 1-800 number) and back end support services.

Customized CCPA Email

The CCPA requires that your company establish a second channel of contact for consumer requests under the CCPA. We will host and manage a designated email address that qualifies as a second line of communication for your consumers.

Verification Services

Our company will take in consumer requests by telephone or email and verify the consumer requests based on your company’s criteria and in compliance with the verification requirements established by the CCPA. The CCPA designates the criteria for verification depending on the sensitivity of data that is requested by the consumer.

Privacy Policy & Other Legal Updates


The CCPA sets forth specific requirements regarding the necessity of a privacy policy that clearly explains the personal information of California consumers and what may be collected, processed, stored or shared with third-parties. Our law firm partner has established CCPA-compliant templates that we will work with you to customize to assist your company in compliance with the new requirements. Your privacy policy will also need to be updated to include your dedicated toll-free number and email address to allow California consumers to contact your company.


Depending on your customers, your terms of use may require an update in order to incorporate your privacy policy’s new rights that allow your customers to enforce their California consumer rights under the new law.

We may assist you generally in this regard or we may refer you to our partner law firm for legal services to assist you with updating your terms of use in compliance with the new law.


Perhaps the most complex aspects of the CCPA are the opt-in and opt-out requirements of the new law and when they are and aren’t necessary prior to processing and sharing of personal information.

Our company partners with a law firm that may be able to assist your company with understanding the complexities as to whether such opt-in and opt-out notices are required.