Non-compliance with the CCPA puts you at risk of huge fines.

You can expect the Attorney General to initiate a civil case against you if you remain non-compliant after 30 days upon being notified about any violation of the CCPA provisions. This brings a risk of being fined $2500 per violation and up to $7500 per intentional violation.

If you violate the CCPA-guaranteed rights of 1000 users, you may receive a fine of up to $7.500.000 in total ($7500×1000 users).

The CCPA also allows for individual consumers to bring a private right of action if their personal information was exposed due to a company’s failure to maintain appropriate security safeguards and can be aggregated into a class action lawsui

Per Violation

Damages under the CCPA are based on per instance or per capita violation. That means that the number of persons the violations were directed at will be the multiplier for damages calculations.

Intentional Violation

Intentional damages carry a higher cap of $7500 per instance.

Private Right of Action

Consumers may also bring a private lawsuit against your company for failure to maintain adequate security for protection of their personal information under the new law. Damages will be recoverable if their recovery exceeds the statutory damages against your company. The private right of action may also be brought by multiple consumers as a class action of those affected.


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